Developing synergies for West Africa Green Economy

Adriano Mauro, AREA Managing Director and coordinator of the GreenVETAfrica project, met Ms Deborah E. Edward, Head, Strategic Communications and Partnerships of Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP).

CEIP is an ecosystem builder that promotes circular economy business innovation and investment in Nigeria through research, advocacy and programme facilitation. CEIP actively cultivates and champions innovative circular solutions in partnership with policymakers, businesses, investors, NGOs and academia.

Both initiatives share the common goal to support the uptake of green and sustainable practices in Nigeria and across West Africa, developing technical and entrepreneurial skills, engaging policymakers, educators and private industries in developing and sustaining green supply chains and circular economy models.

Adriano and Deborah already identified two concrete areas of collaboration between the two initiatives: the participation in GreenVETAfrica Circular Exchange Event organised by CEIP on 25 January 2024 in Lagos. GreenVETAfrica will organise a face-to-face learning session to share some of the educational materials developed in the context of the projects.

Moreover, CEIP will contribute to the educational programme of GreenVETAfrica, presenting a session titled “Circular Economy Opportunities and Concrete Case of Entrepreneurship” to the vocational training schools students enrolled in the GreenVETAfrica programme.

Stay tuned for more.