Train the Trainers

Introduction to the Training Programme

Why training in Green Waste Management?

Module 1: Pedagogical upskilling

Competence-Based Approach

Dual System and WBL GreenVETAfrica

Individualized Learning Path GreenVETAfrica

Module 2: Digital Pedagogy

The Role of Technology in Teaching

The Main features, categories, and Potential of Educational Technologies

Creating and Sharing Digital Teaching and Learning Multimedia Content

The Main Methods and Strategies of Digital Pedagogy

The Flipped Classroom

The Evaluation of Activities - Designing and Testing Cooperative Learning Activities

Module 3: Digital Tools for teaching, learning, assessment and validation

What is a Smart Remote Expert Solution?

What is Augmented Reality?

What is Cloud Computing?

Basic Requirements for Smart Remote Expert Solution

Case studies of Smart Remote Expert Solutions applications in different fields

Technology Evolution

Demo of the Existing Smart Remote Expert Solution

Presentation of the Application Backend for the creation of the Practical Case

Remote Expert Solution, Mobile Application, Demo Presentation

Module 4: Green Waste Management (technical foundations)

Unit 1

Intro to the Environment and Waste Management

Waste Management Hierachy and Recycling

Organic Waste Management

Waste Disposal and Treatment

Circular Economy

Green Jobs

Unit 2

Waste Management Equipment and Machinery

Health Safety and Environment

Electrical Systems in Waste Management

Mechanical Drives Systems in Waste Management

Module 5: Foundation of micro-entrepreneurship skills for Micro-SMEs

Creativity and Problem Solving

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Opportunity Analysis

Market Research

Business Model

Business Finance