This page is dedicated to Relevant Initiatives of GreenVETAfrica

Relevant Initiatives

Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP)

Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) is an ecosystem builder that promotes circular economy business innovation and investment in Nigeria through research, advocacy and programme facilitation. CEIP actively cultivates and champions innovative circular solutions in partnership with policymakers, businesses, investors, NGOs and academia.

International Alliance of Waste Pickers

The Circulate Initiative

The Circulate Initiative is a non-profit organization established in 2018 to solve the ocean plastic pollution challenge and build circular and equitable economies across emerging markets

E-waste Compensation The pilot project E-waste Compensation as an International Financing Mechanism in Nigeria funded by GIZ SEDIN Programme in Nigeria
BASF West Africa’s project STAR which aims to provide a second life to single-use polystyrene food containers also popularly called “Take Away Packs”. Our ambition is to measure our success from a total value to society perspective; economically by deploying sustainable profitable business models, environmentally by preventing littering and uncontrolled release to the aquatic environment, and socially by creating valuable jobs in the communities.
With Project Boosting Women Entrepreneurship Education In Tourism and Hospitality in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eu-Africa Erasmus+ VET Project.
EXCELLENCE BOOST Erasmus+ project aims to boost development of modern VET teachers and trainers, who are focused on their growth and personal development (transversal competencies, digital competencies etc.), focused on students/ needs, and focused on personal and organisational excellence. The project will support VET teachers/trainers’ digital and personal competencies improvement, and as a result, increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work as well as serve a motivation to start with excellent approach on a personal and organizational level.