GreenVETAfrica is organized around five work packages

Work packages

Manage and Coordinate GreenVETAfrica

WP1 will ensure efficient legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project. It will facilitate communication between partners, the project beneficiaries/stakeholders and the Commission. It will manage innovation within the project considering external variables. It will consistently ensure high quality standards in every aspect of the project. 

WP1 is Managed by Adriano Mauro, AREA Managing Director.

Think the Green Waste Management skills and jobs of the future

WP2 will carry out an in-depth research with the waste management business segments, listening to the “pain and expectation” of the entrepreneurs/ leadership on the “shop floor” to assess the future of Green jobs in Nigeria and Ghana and possible implications for the West Africa region. It will assess available skills and available relevant VETs offering in West Africa and assess available VETs programmes in Europe which could be adapted and localized to the West Africa needs. It will Provide a skill gap analysis and recommendations to develop curriculum designs for training courses and business training programs totally focused on deficiencies, demands and on improving the competitiveness of industry, micro, small and medium businesses.

WP2 is managed by Elizabeth Ademola, Head Waste Management Development and LAWMA Academy at Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA).

Design the green waste management VET programmes

WP3 will create the tools, programmes and the learning materials to build the capacity of the VETs providers in Nigeria and Ghana. It will pilot the remote expert solution within the Train-The-Trainers programme and deploy the Train-The-Trainer programme transferring pedagogical approaches, teaching and training materials and


WP3 is led by Samuel Aboagye, founder of Whizzy Academy.

Piloting the green waste management VETs with Learners

WP4 will pilot the Green Waste Management VET programme with learners and evaluate the learners’ results and their satisfaction. It will assess the content and methodology for further refinement of the programme

It will make the learning materials available as open source.

WP4 is led by Norbert Edomah, Associate Professor (Reader) in Energy Policy & Electricity Planning at School of Science and Technology, Pan-Atlantic University.

Think the Green Waste Management skills and jobs of the future

WP5 will ensure visibility and awareness of GreenVETAfrica goals and results among relevant stakeholders in EU and Africa, with a focus on the supply side: VET providers; and demand side: Green Waste Supply Chain.

It will create and develop networks and exchanges of good practice between VET providers in EU / AU and between AU countries (with a focus between Ghana and Nigeria). It will assess the impact of GreenVETAfrica activities and developed VET programme and promote learners’ employability fostering matchmaking. Finally, it will promote replicability and sustainability.

WP5 is led by Asociación Mundus; Iva Perkovic, Project Manager for International Mobility projects and Sergio Lagarde Cabañero Project Manager in Africa Region | Erasmus+/ Capacity Building / International mobility.