Ghanaian Youth Embrace Green and Digital Transition at Erasmus Days Celebration

Kumasi, Ghana – October 13, 2023

On Friday, October 13th, 2023, an impactful event took place in Kumasi, Ghana, as Whizzy Academy and Ramseyer Vocational Institute came together to host a remarkable celebration in honor of the conclusion of the six-day Erasmus Days. This esteemed global event, observed from October 9th to 13th, known as #ErasmusDays, was designed to raise awareness about the Erasmus+ Programme and offer a valuable platform for the exchange of experiences, projects, and knowledge.

Erasmus+ projects, which are funded by the European Commission, have a significant impact on improving global education, training, youth development, and sports. One noteworthy project within this program is the GreenVETAfrica initiative. Spanning over a period of two years and co-funded by the European Commission, this initiative is specifically designed to promote the Twin Transition, where the Green and Digital Economy converge.

Whizzy Academy and Ramseyer Vocational Institute are esteemed partners of GreenVETAfrica in Ghana, showcasing their unwavering dedication to empowering the nation’s youth. Their overarching objective is to equip the younger generation with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-changing domain of the Green and Digital Economy.

The event showcased insightful presentations by Samuel Aboagye, who provided in-depth insights into the Digital Economy and its immense potential for empowering Ghana’s youth. Additionally, Spencer Korankye delivered a compelling discussion on the Green Economy, highlighting the vast array of opportunities it presents while emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmentally conscious career paths.

One of the highlights of the event was the dynamic panel discussion, during which attendees had the valuable opportunity to engage with the esteemed presenters, Samuel and Spencer. This interactive session fostered a meaningful exchange of ideas, providing participants with a comprehensive insight into the complexities and opportunities of the Twin Transition.

The Erasmus Days Celebration in Ghana served as a platform to not only commemorate the Erasmus+ Programme but also highlight the commitment of esteemed organizations such as Whizzy Academy and Ramseyer Vocational Institute towards fostering the ambitions of the country’s youth. Through the provision of education, motivation, and avenues for growth, these initiatives are actively preparing the younger generation to excel in a world that places great emphasis on the Green and Digital Economy.

This event showcased the increasing partnership between Europe and Africa in promoting sustainability, innovation, and education. It symbolizes a source of inspiration for the younger generation, guaranteeing their readiness to embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by the Twin Transition, ultimately resulting in a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for Ghana.