GreenVETAfrica learners programme kicks off

The workshop on “Reducing plastic
litter and water pollution thanks to sustainable waste management
practices” took place on the 6th of June online, and was coordinated by
Waste Management Expert Elizabeth Ademola. 

The workshop was organized to join the EU Green Week 2024 as part of #WaterWIseEU, a campaign to stimulate an EU-wide conversation around water. The workshop aimed to address the growing issue of plastic litter and water pollution, and how sustainable waste management practices can help combat these problems.

The workshop began with an introduction to the key terms surrounding plastic litter and water pollution, followed by an overview of the causes, problems, and effects of these issues. It was highlighted that
plastic litter and water pollution have detrimental effects on the
environment, marine life, and human health.

Sustainable waste management was identified as a key tool in controlling the littering of waterbodies with plastics. The workshop discussed principles such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Zero Waste, Pollution Prevention Pays Principle, The Polluter Pays Principle, The User Pays Principle, The Principle of Inter-Generational Equity, and the Integrated Ecosystem Approach.

Furthermore, an overview of sustainable waste management practices in
Lagos State was provided, showcasing efforts to tackle plastic litter and water pollution in the region. The workshop concluded with a call for collective action and cooperation to implement sustainable waste management practices to protect our environment and water bodies from plastic pollution.