The GreenVETAfrica (GVA) ambition is to contribute to the Twin Transitions (Green and Digital) in alignment with the ambitious environmental objectives of the European Green Deal and the Europe – Africa strategic partnership.

 The transition needs accelerating where the first pillar – digitalisation – progresses in line with the need of a green transition towards a decarbonized and environmentally friendly economy. 

This double transition is the key to adopting a circular development model, transforming linear industrial value chains to minimize waste and pollution, making better use of the waste generated and guaranteeing environmental standards. This transition requires skilled professionals at all levels. 



GreenVETAfrica intercepts an existing gap of technical profiles, in West Africa (and in Nigeria, and Ghana in particular) where, environmental studies and technology training is offered exclusively at college/university level and no Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes are in place to train technical profiles to fill in the green industry vacancies (private and public).

GreenVETAfrica intends to develop capacity building for VETs providers partners of the project, and design an

innovative green waste management and micro-entrepreneurship VET curricula (related training materials), which will be trialed with learners evaluated and improved within the project and made available, as open source material, for all other African VET institutes (with focus on West Africa) as part of the valorization activities.



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