This page is dedicated to GreenVETAfrica’s public deliverables

Note: The deliverables published on this page have been submitted to the European Commission for evaluation and are awaiting the Commission’s approval.

Deliverable NumberDeliverable NameMonth
D2.1 Green Waste Job Market: Industry needsM05
D2.2 Green Waste Management available trainings M05
D2.3  Gap AnalysisM06
D3.1Train the Trainers materialM10
D3.2 Train the Trainers report M14
D4.1 Learning materials M20
D4.2 Pilots Programme EvaluationM22
D5.1GreenVETAfrica Dissemination and Network Building StrategyM03
D5.2 Impact Assessment Report M22

Dissemination & Network Building and Matchmaking Activities Report

D5.4Sustainability StrategyM24